Ulster Publishing

12 Sept 2011: “Hudson Valley haven: Author Larry Carr reads ‘Pancake Hollow Primer’ Sept. 16.”
1 Sept 2011: “Locally grown,” a dual profile of John and Vivian Wadlin of Highland.
22 Aug 2011: “Battle of the Sexes: Award-winning animators to hold fundraising event at The Falcon in Marlboro.” Award-winning animators Signe Baumane and Bill Plympton present the Battle of the Sexes fundraiser to promote excellence (and titillation) in animation.
25 July 2011: “Vintage Visionary: Judy Go Vintage celebrates one year in Tillson.”
14 July 2011: “Seek the creek: Lloyd’s hidden treasure, Black Creek.”
11 July 2011: “For what it’s worth: Sal Tantillo opens Ohioville Consignment.”
7 July 2011: “Whoops marks the spot: Hudson Valley Rail Trail vandalized.”
23 June 2011: “Local color: DM Weil gallery opens in Gardiner.”
30 Sept 2010: “The next chapter: Highland Public Library eyes Commercial Avenue for major expansion.”
2 Sept 2010: “What’s your sign? ‘Carrying’ in New Paltz, now through Nov. 14.”
19 Aug 2010: “Small Potatoes, The audacity of hops,” on Terrapin’s fourth annual NYS Craft Beer Expo.
8 July 2010: “Change of heart: Lloyd Planning board reverses Highland Square decision, 5-0.”
17 May 2010: “Small Potatoes, Love me tenderloin,” in which I attend a pig slaughter arranged by Fleisher’s in Kingston.
12 May 2010: “Operation: Operational Budget, Marlboro proposes 1.8% tax increase; three BOE candidates vie for two seats.”
29 April 2010: “Small Potatoes, Rhubarb rehabilitated,” an early food column with rhubarb upside-down cake recipe.
9 April 2010: “Giving back: Resident asks Highland teachers to forgo raises.”
18 March 2010: “Small Potatoes, Soda bread cred.”
4 Feb 2010: “Small Potatoes, Destination: Jamaica.”
23 Oct 2008: “Small Potatoes, Destination: Buffalo.”
12 June 2008: “Small Potatoes: Bistro Mountain Store.”

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